Considering the current situation where employees are losing jobs, this app is created for those people who are looking for job on immediate basis. You can register yourself to this app and be found by potential employer.

We assume that people signing up for this app are immediately available or within 7 days or within 14 days. We understand the criticality of losing job and what one goes through in this situation.

How it is different from other apps?
Unlike other apps, this app does not ask you to fill up your detailed profile because we assume that you already have your profile uploaded to various portals. But those apps may not highlight your priority and situation. This app will make your profile available to those recruiters who have signed up to this app and only looking for candidates who can join within 14 days. This app is dedicated for people across all industry to be found by potential employers. Also, unlike other apps where you have to search for jobs for longer hours and you are not sure whether after applying to many companies recruiters will contact you or not, in this app, if you are available immediately recruiters will be able to find you.

What you cannot do with this app?
You cannot find job from this app as there is no feature for employer to post the job. Also, you won’t be able to search recruiters. You should not sign-up for this app if you are not looking for job on urgent basis, we won’t be able to stop you from signing up but you will be unnecessarily blocking real candidates who desperately needs job.

What we cannot do?
We will not be doing any background check or authenticity of a person. This will be solely based on trust. Employer who is recruiting can do such process on their own. This app does not generate any analytics as of now to tell you anything. This is just a simple platform which understands your priority and will make the best to highlight your profile to recruiters.

Why don’t we ask for more information from candidate or recruiter?
We know that people have already created their detailed profile at various job portals. Asking for the same information will not make sense. Recruiters can easily find and contact you with basic information. We want you to get hired asap with minimum information from you, rest of the details recruiters can easily get it from you overcall/email or by visiting your profile at other platforms.

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