About Us

Literally, the word ‘Kapaas’ translates to a ‘cotton seed.’ Based in Calcutta (Kolkata), we are naturally drawn to products which have a story to tell. We believe, behind every piece, lies a story. That of a weaver, a designer, a city, a state and a country.


A country which never fails to dazzle us. We follow a simple policy of hand-work and try to use minimal machine work. Our clients motivate us to keep making an impact and constantly evolving. Our team in Bengal consists of women who work only until natural day light allows them to. We believe in the basics. No matter where we reach, we will always go back to day one. For it is where our roots are. 

Our collection consists of tucked and textured unstitched kurtas, embroidered unstitched blouses, handloom sarees and featherweight dupattas. Each piece in the collection is unique and cannot be repeated; the value addition is totally hand done! We add value through varied styles of embroideries on our pieces. Kantha and patchwork stand out. We use a wide mix of fabric and our design pattern changes with almost every piece.